Kaizen event

This Kaizen Event course consists of 7 lessons, and is aimed at teaching you the background and history of Kaizen and how to organize and execute a Kaizen event. You will learn how to prepare, organize and execute a successful Kaizen event and how to ensure an effective and successful implementation and follow-up, to ensure lasting change.

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    e-Learning Kaizen Event

    Using the Lean Six Sigma method of Kaizen Events, you can solve structural problems in your process within a matter of days.

    A Kaizen Event is a short workshop in which a small team spends all of their time on discovering a problem’s root causes, formulating proper solutions and immediately implementing them, all within just a brief period of time.

    This process improvement method is ideal for solving urgent problems that needed be to solved quickly, and aren’t complex enough to require a several month-long project to solve them.

    While this method is also discussed in our classroom courses, this e-learning module serves as both a perfect in-depth preparation for the classroom courses, as well as an excellent individual training that will teach you step-by-step hold to successfully implement a Kaizen Event from start to finish.

    Lean Six Sigma E-Learning

     Lean Six Sigma is well-proven methodology with a step-by-step and data driven approach. During this online Kaizen Event course, you will learn how to implement a Kaizen Event in practice. In 7 lessons covering around 3 hours the subject matter is explained in videos, text, practical examples, case studies, downloadable templates, quizzes, visuals and an exam at the end.

    If you would opt for one of our classroom courses, you would also have the advantage of getting to know the Master Black Belt and his train of thought.

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    Kaizen event

    The online Kaizen event course for just €49

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    Practical Information

    Taking the IASSC Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge as a starting point, the subject matter has been translated in E-learning content using the taxonomy of Bloom (focusing on the knowledge levels: Remember, Understand and Apply), ensuring this Online Yellow Belt course meets international standards.

    The online Kaizen Event course has 7 lessons. Total learning time is approximately 2 to 3 hours. An important advantage of this online Kaizen event course is that lessons can be followed at your own convenience. Once you have started, you can always logout and login again when you have time to resume the Online Yellow Belt course.

    Module 1: Background

    Lesson 1: History of Kaizen
    Lesson 2: Kaizen Events and Continuous Improvement

    Module 2: Kaizen Event

    Lesson 3: Preparing a Kaizen Event
    Lesson 4: Running a Kaizen Event 
    Lesson 5: Implementing the solution

    Module 3: Finishing touches

    Lesson 6: Tools
    Lesson 7: Practical advice

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