Lean Excellence

  • International Lean Excellence Programme

  • Nova School of Science and Technology and The Lean Six Sigma Company certificate

  • International Lean Leader Certificate

  • Become one of the few international Lean Excellence elite

  • ISO 18404 course programme (unique in Portugal)

  • Lean Practitioner certification

Lean Excellence at academic level

In cooperation with Nova School of Science and Technology, we have organised the Lean Excellence Program. This is the most complete Lean Excellence training for International Certification thus far.

Learning outcomes

In this Lean Excellence Program, you will acquire knowledge, skills and competencies in Lean tools and methods, A3 Lean Project Management, Lean Management and Coaching principles. This will allow you to lead continuous improvement teams, initiatives, and projects, acting as continuous Improvement agent within your organisation.

Lean Excellence

The academic Lean Excellence course for professionals

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Founded in 1977 Nova School of Science and Technology (FCT-NOVA) is one of the most prestigious Portuguese and European engineering and science public schools.

Practical Information

During 88 unforgettable hours, you will have the opportunity to learn the world’s best practices on Lean methodologies, tools, and management principles, learn Lean practical tools and methods applied to creatively solving a problem and developing a clear vision on process improvement and how to create a sustainable Continuous Improvement mindset within your organisation.

The programme is based on the international ISO 18404 standards and meets all set of requirements to certify as a Lean Leader.


    • 88 hours theory including practical assignment

    • Lead time theory 2-3 months (see training dates)

    • Certified Lean Practitioner after passing the exam and completion practical assignment (as part of classroom training) according to the ISO18404 standards

    • Certified Lean Leader after completing second practical assignment (optional, additional costs)

    • Access to online Lean mini courses (Kaizen, VSM, 5S and many more)

    • Groups up to 30 people

    After completion of the training you will be capable of:

    • Lead a change process in your organization

    • Execute a Lean project and a Kaizen within your organization

    • Implement continuous improvement and lean culture (in your organization)

    • Design a system of natural work and management teams who engage in continuous improvement

    • Know the essential problem-solving methods employed in continuous improvement and will be able to lead your team in continuous improvement

    • Eliminate waste and engage your team members in an on-going process of continuous improvement

    • Identify the best strategy to achieve operational excellence and maximize customer satisfaction

    • How to train and coach your team towards Continuous Improvement

    Module 1 - Lean Thinking

    Lean techniques covering topics like:

    • 5 principles of Womack
    • 7 types of waste
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Several improvement techniques
    • Kaizen event

    These days have been set up around a simulation which is a key element throughout the training. 

    Module 2 - Lean Project Management & Change Management

    Practical assignment – A3 Management


    Module 3 - Kaizen events

    Module 4 - Lean Leadership

    Module 5 - Lean Management and Coaching Kata



    Case Studies & A Benchmark tour to one operational Site



    Practical Assignment Lean Leader (optional)

    During the course there will be a practical assignment based on A3 Management. Completing this assignment will lead to Lean Practitioner certification.

    Completing a second assignment leads to become certified Lean Leader. The second assignment is optional for the Lean Excellence programme. Please contact us for more information.


    All-in price Lean Excellence Program: €3,500.- (ex. VAT)


    • Course material (manuals and practice materials)

    • Coffee breaks

    • Exam (2 resits, if necessary)

    • Access to online platform with mini courses

    • International certification

    • Practical certification on Lean Practitioner level


    • Overnight stays

    Qual o valor de uma certificação em Lean Six Sigma?

    Ao completar com sucesso uma formação em Lean Six Sigma, irá receber um certificado oficial. Como pode ter a certeza que esta certificação acrescenta o valor que pretende? No vídeo seguinte, explicamos os elementos a ter em conta para determinar o real valor da sua certificação. Para saber mais, clique aqui.

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    Lean Six Sigma in your company

    Lean Six Sigma is known in particular as a project-based improvement structure, but Lean Six Sigma is much more than that. Lean Six Sigma is an established philosophy, an organisational and improvement structure as well as a set of tools. Using this perspective Lean Six Sigma addresses organisational issues with respect to competitiveness, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. 

    Depending on your ambition, Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in phases. Every organisation is unique, without a common blueprint that universally applies. Together with you, The Lean Six Sigma Company will develop a plan of action tailored to your organisation.

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